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What is paint protection film?
Paint protection film is a transparent polyurethane film that adheres to the painted surface of vulnerable areas on your vehicle. It can be removed without any damage to your paint and does not effect appearance and aerodynamics. It is not visible from just a few feet away and with minimal maintenance the film will last many years keeping your paint protected while looking great.

Why choose your kits over the competition?
See our comparison page by clicking here. This is a MUST READ.
Note: Scotchgard and Scotchgard Pro are clear coated. Ventureshield is top coated. Be wary of inexpensive kits from our competitors offering clear "glossy" film (but non clear/top coated) as this won't have the shine you desire and can start to look bad in just a few short months. BE WARY of the cheap 4mil film that is being sold as paint protection film!

Are your paint protection kits difficult to install?
We went through extra efforts to find the perfect product/film that would allow a first timer to have great success in installing our product. The patterns were designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind without sacrificing coverage. We supply the tools needed, instructions, customer support and a great product so you can succeed with a perfect installation. The majority of our customers install the kits without any prior experience and are very satisfied with the outcome. In fact, a lot of our business is repeat business.
Please note, we have no way of knowing any persons skill level or if they will have a successful outcome in installing our kits. It is up to the individual to decide to take the kit to a professional installer or install the film themselves. The kits are all tested to fit correctly and unless you take the kit to a certified installer we can't guarantee the fit or outcome of your installation.


You offer 3 films. Why? Which do I choose? Help!
All of our films are made by 3M.  Ventureshield is the standard film. Scotchgard is a little tougher to install but more scratch resistant. Scotchgard PRO is our premium film which is the easiest to install, self healing and stain resistant.  They are all 8mils thick and very high grade films.  If you are undecided and want more information please click here. NOTE: THERE ARE NO LOGOS ON THE PRO FILM. IT COMES WITH A PLAIN BACKING PAPER.


How does your film compare to the spray on product?
Paint protection film is meant to be semi-permanent. It can be safely removed but can last 5 years or longer. We consider the spray on protection as more of a temporary product which should be removed in about a year or less.  In the long run it is actually cheaper to purchase paint protection film since it only needs to be applied once.

Are there any special tools needed to install the product?
Yes, but we supply them for free on precut film orders over $75.00. We include 2 quality 32 oz. sprayers, rubber squeegee, razor type knife, mirco-fiber towel and DVD or online video installation instructions. This kit eliminates difficulties due to not using the proper tools. (note: the installation kit is supplied on precut paint protection film orders only. We don't supply this kit for free on bulk film orders sold by the foot) We supply one free installation kit if multiple orders are made by one customer for the same car. The installation kit can be used on dozens of installs without the need for anything new.

For additional tools you may want to add to your order click here.


What if I buy a complete kit but need to reorder an individual piece from that kit?
Sometimes a customer may not be happy with a section of their installation, like a mirror piece, or perhaps the larger hood piece.  For this reason we offer "installation insurance" which is an additional 10% of your kit price.  You can select this option on the checkout page.  You then receive a unique coupon code that you can use online to order that same kit and get an instant 70% off! You have up to 90 days to redeem it. We feel this is an amazing offer and should give our customers some piece of mind purchasing from us.


I can't locate my car or model in your catalogs?
Odds are we have a kit for your car but it just takes us time to update the website since new models are always coming out. We have created a custom search form you can use that will verify we have the patterns you need so you can order the kit online. The downside to this is it will not show the diagram of the kit but it will verify we have it and can still be ordered. Use this form by clicking here and follow the instructions. Be sure to first try our primary catalogs before using this method of searching.

How are your paint protection kits any different from your competitors?
Using the proper film is just half the battle. In our years of experience as a certified installer we feel that we offer the 3 best films on the market. But aside from using a great film you must have a proper fitting pattern. Don't be fooled by companies marketing name brand film and very poor fitting patterns. In the end you will just be frustrated because it just won't fit correctly. As the saying goes "You get what you pay for!".

I saw a cheaper price for the same clear bra kits you offer. Will you match it?
We will not only match it but in most cases we try to beat it. But keep in mind when shopping around, a cheaper clear bra kit may be smaller and provide less coverage or use cheaper film than we offer. We need to verify it is a comparable product before we can match it and this usually means us taking a look at where you saw this cheaper price. Give us a call if you've found a comparable item and want to purchase from us. Toll Free 1-866-927-5678 or use our price match feature in our catalog.

Is Headlamp film different than paint protection film?
Paint protection film is 8 mil in thickness and some companies feel thicker is better for headlamp kits and provide 20-50 mil thick kits. In our experience these materials are much more difficult to install and can actually trap in more heat. We use the same film for headlights that we use for paint protection. You won't be disappointed. (Note: We offered tinted, yellow, and blue headlight film which is a thinner Orafol brand and not meant for protection. It is strictly a cosmetic film and you will need to check with your local laws before applying this type of film)

What area of my car will be covered?
Every year make and model are different. Generally the hood, fenders, side mirrors, bumpers are included, and other kits have the option to include headlights, rocker panels, door handles, door edge guards. Patterns are professionally designed based on each year, make and model. You get to pick which pieces you want. We don't require purchasing a complete kit like some of our competitors.


You offer different hood sizes, why and what does it mean?
Our standard hood coverage is cut on a 24" sheet of film which usually means 21-23" of hood coverage.  Some of our customers don't want this much coverage or looking to save some money on the kit so we offer 2 smaller sizes.  We basically take that bigger kit and cut it down in our software to the next size film (18inch) and the smallest size is cut on a 12" sheet. You can select which size you want in our catalog online.  The default selection is our biggest one which is the typical kit that is purchased.  Note: The 12" size may not include fender pieces because this kit is so small that the fender pieces can't line up to the hood piece.

How do I install this kit myself?
On precut film orders over $75.00 we include our instructional DVD along with the proper tools needed (not just a squeegee like our competitors). We honestly feel this is a do it yourself product because our films and patterns are easy to work with. The videos & online written instructions will guide you through every aspect of the installation and if you still feel you can't do it then contact us and we will provide you with local installer information.

Is there a Certified Installer in my area?
Most likely! There are certified installers all over the U.S. and we can provide our customers with full information upon ordering any of our products if you wish to have an installer apply the kit. After your purchase, email us at with your order # or full name for installer details.

Do I need to do anything to maintain my vehicle once applied?
Wash and wax as you normally would, with mild soap and water as early as 24 hours after the film installation.  Use waxes that do no contain dyes, abrasive polishes and/or rubbing compounds.  3M recommends 3M Performance Finish when waxing your car.  Another wax we recommend is Meguires NXT.  After waxing your car, you can remove any wax build-up along the film edges with a lint-free cloth.

Can I reuse this material once opened?
No, Paint Protection film must be applied immediately upon being removed from its backing. The film can not be removed and reused once applied.

What is the return policy?
Please click this link. A new window will appear.

Will this product damage my paint?
This product is designed to help protect your OEM factory paint, not damage it. Note: We do not guarantee the film, installation results or provide any type of warranty if applied to unpainted surfaces or non OEM factory paint.


Tell me about the warranty?
Since we offer 3 films and 3 different prices they offer different warranties.  Ventureshield is 5 years, Scotchgard is 5 years and Scotchgard Pro is 7 years. You can select which film on the checkout page and and there is a small price difference for Scotchgard and Scotchgard Pro. To view more about the warranty please click here.

Can it be removed?
Yes. It can be removed easily and will not damage the paint. To remove the film, you must heat the surface to approximately 120F while working a corner of the film with your fingernail. Once you have enough of the material free from the surface to hold on to, slowly pull the film from the paint. A "safe for paint" adhesive remover can easily remove any residue if this occurs.

How hard is it to see on the car after it is applied?
The material is over 95% clear. On any color darker than stark white, you can't see the film from a few feet away. On a stark white car, you can see that ~5% of color, but it still is "invisible" at a short distance. See our gallery for some examples.

Will my kit fit perfectly, edge to edge?
Depending on the kit you are applying, some kits are purposely designed short so that you have to stretch them into place. The purpose of this type of design is to compensate for a contour on the vehicles surface or to allow room to pull out excess material around the edges that would otherwise be very difficult to lay down. The analogy that is most commonly used in talking about applying this material to a contoured surface is: "Imagine gift wrapping a basket ball, and all of the wrinkles that you would have in the wrapping paper. Not much you can do about it, right? Now imagine wrapping the same basketball in Saran Wrap instead. Stretching the Saran wrap allows it to take the shape of what you are stretching it over."

How long should I wait to apply your product if my car has been repainted?
You will need to talk to your body shop and see what they recommend. The time will vary depending on the type of paint the body shop used, and whether or not the paint was baked. In any case, the time that they say you should wait to wax the paint, is the same time you will need to wait to install our product. Generally this is 30 days.

Tell me about shipping.
All orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail at no charge to customers in the U.S.. Express mail upgrades are available for a $35 fee. Canadian customers are charged a $20.00 shipping fee for USPS priority mail. Priority Mail orders are usually shipped within 48 hours and please allow up to 5 days in transit. This means it could take 7-10 days to actually receive your package although it is usually in under 5 days. Express Mail orders usually ship the same day or within 24 hours. Please understand that choosing (express) overnight does not necessarily mean your order will be in your hands tomorrow. We do not ship orders Sundays.

Do you sell bulk film?
Yes. Please visit this page to order bulk film.
<click here>

How can I become a dealer of your paint protection kits?
Please click here.

I want to talk to a human before I order. How can I?
We do our best to answer all calls and emails in a timely fashion. Our hours are 9am to 5pm PST Monday-Friday and our toll free number is 1-866-927-5678. You will also see our live operator chat button throughout the website if you have a question.







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