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Paint Protection Film (PPF) , also known as Clear Bra, is a thermoplastic urethane 8 mil clear film that is applied to the leading painted surfaces of  new or used vehicle's in order to protect the paint from stone chips & nicks, bug splatter, road debris and minor abrasions.

The film is also used on RVs, airplanes, cell phones, motorcycles and many other areas. It was first designed for the use by the military to protect helicopter rotor blades and worked its way into general aviation then the racing industry and then to consumer automobiles.
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 Paint Protection Film is OEM approved by virtually all manufacturers. 

We offer 3 films: 3M Scotchgard™ , Scotchgard Pro and VentureShield and we feel these are the best three in the market.  There is a small price difference between the three and you can select which you prefer upon checkout.

Straight from the factory some manufactures will install paint protection film on vulnerable areas of the car  (e.g. the rear arches of Porsches, rear bumper decks of sedans, and near the wheels on some trucks).  Applicators using pre-cut kits that are computer cut for a specific cars are your best choice. The other alternative involves using a razor blade to cut the film on the car after it is applied in sheet form but we don't recommend this since the odds are the razor blade will cut or scratch the surface of your car defeating the entire purpose of this film.



Our ClearBra kits are cut in house using any of our four plotters.  We offer kits designed to cover the entire hood, partial hood, bumper, lights, rockers, and much more.  Email us if you are interested in a full hood/quarter panel kit.  We generally cut each kit within 48 hours of the initial order and it gets shipped. Allow up to 5 days in transit once it has shipped.  Every pattern is test fitted for quality control and most have been installed many times over.

Paint protection film is applied using a slip solution which is liquid soap based (baby shampoo and water mixed) and stretched into position and aided by the use of Isopropyl alcohol to tack the material down if needed. The soap solution provides a temporary way to apply the film onto the painted surface without the film sticking prematurely. A squeegee is then used to lay the film flat forcing the soap/water solution out from underneath it and at that point the film begins to take hold. The adhesive used is typically an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. For full written instructions, click here.


The film can be removed at a later time without damage to the OEM factory paint but removed film can not be reapplied. It is meant to be installed once and will provide many years of protection. 








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