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Paint Protection Bulk and Film Pre Cut Window Tint Carbon Fiber


PRODUCT COMPARISON - Us Against the Competition



Choice of the top 2 films to meet your needs X X
We only offer clear-coated/top-coated films (not cheaper stuff) X For 15-30% more
Lifetime Warranty (on Invisi-Mask film) X  
Patterns designed for easier installation & more coverage X  
Free Professional (complete) installation kit * X
Free Priority Shipping ** X varies
Free Door Edge Guard * X varies
Free Door Handle Cup Kit * X  
Do Over Policy (see below) X  
Shipping within 24 hours X  
Full Coverage Hood/Quarter Panel kits X varies
Toll Free Support & Sales X varies
Massive selection of vehicles - older and newer X  
Large selection of kits per vehicle (over 20,000) X  
In House certified Installers X  
Online customer review/voting of each part X  


    *On orders that total over $75.00
** On orders shipping within the U.S.


Additional Facts

All clear bras are not the same. Keep in mind, film companies manufactures the film and third party companies actually design the patterns. This means a competitors clear bra may fit differently than our clear bra. Our patterns are designed for the novice installer in mind without compromising coverage. Even if you have a professional installer apply the film they will have a easier time installing it which means a cleaner looking end result. The installer is happy - you're happy.

All of our kits are made on shiny clear coated film. There are some "sticker" companies selling kits but the film is not clear coated unless you pay 15-30% more than their listed retail price. What this means is after a few weeks the film will appear dull and will be much more noticeable on your car.
We recommend only films that are clear coated.

Our patterns contain small relief cuts in areas that drastically help when installing but won't deter from the overall look when completely installed. See below for a comparison.



Notice the difference in design with the relief cuts yet more coverage overall? Although these bumper kits may look close in design they are a world of difference in applying them. Again, a kit that is easier to apply means a successful & cleaner install in the end. Don't get stuck with a poor fitting design that you won't be happy with !!

Another Example




These are both hood, fender, and mirrors kits for the same year and model car. Notice how the competitor design looks smaller? Well that's because it is. You are losing roughly 8 inches of film on the hood and the fender pieces are also smaller. If you are comparing prices then keep in mind that a cheaper kit (by possibly just a few dollars) could mean less film, less coverage, and your paint more vulnerable to those flying rocks we hate!

Note: We can cut down any hood/fender kit if price is your main concern. On many models we offer smaller hood kits for those not interested in the industry standard 24" hood piece. Also, we do offer a price match guarantee which could give you an instant discount online. Please contact us using the "live chat" button to your left with any questions.



Our Installation Kit


We send a free installation kit with each order that is $75.00 or more. It takes more than just a squeegee to install this product which is why we send a complete professional installation toolkit. This consists of the items you see on the right.   2 Squirt Bottles
1 Professional  Squeegee
1 snap off blade knife
1 Microfiber towel
Written and DVD instructions



Do-over Policy

On occasion a person will buy a kit that consists of several pieces and they may need to reorder just a piece from that kit due to a mistake during installation. It's our policy to sell that piece at our cost plus shipping. You won't need to buy the whole kit again or even that piece at full price. We just verify your previous order and give you a special price for that section of the kit.

Final Words

There may be a company or two selling a cheaper kit but boast name brand film. Remember, that kit may have less coverage, a poor fitting design, or a higher end price. Instead of trying to be the cheapest price (although we are very competitive) we offer a complete package along with great fitting patterns & a great product overall . In the end, we feel you get a very high quality product and a complete solution at an affordable price.








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