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Why partner with InvisibleMask?
Becoming a dealer is ideal for the person or company that does not want the hassle or expense of the equipment, software, bulk film purchases and inventory. A customer of yours would like a paint protection kit installed by you? Simple, login to our dealer section and get our products at a wholesale price. Shipping is usually same day (if ordered before 2pm PST) and we offer express mail for those who need the kit right away.

On your first order you will receive a detailed training DVD and the installation tools needed. We offer phone support and we are available every business day. We also give you the choice of film that you prefer. You simply choose which film you want upon checkout, 3M Scotchgard or Invisi-Mask film.

We've also decided to do something a little different than other companies. The more you order over time the better the discount you receive. Once you complete our online application we determine the discount value initially. Over time we increase this discount value as you order more and more.

Why did we choose this model? Instead of asking for a "registration fee" to join we've decided to offer a zero down start up. Your dealer discount will start at 10-20% initially and increase as time goes by. We want to make it as easy and inexpensive as possible to get started.

We'll send you business!

Once you've ordered at least 3 kits and have successfully installed the clear bra kits we will begin referring local customers to you. We often get customers visiting our website looking for a local installer and we will send them directly to you!

About our online dealer store

Once you complete the dealer application online we will review it and set the initial discount. You will then receive a email with your login information. Once logged in you can begin searching our online catalogs and it will display discounted prices. Simply logout to view the retail prices. When you are ready to place an order the checkout form will already be filled in for you so it's a quick and easy process.





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