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Computer Cut Car Bra
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3m paint protection film


"We had a plastic bug shield on our previous truck but didn't like the way it looked and it ended up damaging our paint in the end. We found your product and love it!"
Tim W.   Houston TX.
"Great idea! I'm so glad I went with your product. Not only does my car look just as I bought it but it's protected from bugs and rocks."
Jennifer A..  Wilmington NC
"This is one of the best investments I've made all year.  This is truly a do-it-yourself product.  InvisibleMask took out the guesswork for the consumer."
Cory G.  Boise ID


Don't settle for 1st or 2nd generation paint protection products.   Our innovative product is being used around the world by dealerships and consumers with great success.  Why hide the beautiful paint finish on your car with an unsightly plastic piece when you can product the whole front end of your car with our virtually invisible car bra.

Not only do we offer hood shields but we have designs for bumpers, headlights, fenders, mirrors, rocker panels, and much more.


 The Clear Solution For Paint Protection - InvisibleMask

Protect the beauty and integrity of your vehicles paint finish with our Invisible-Mask (also known as clear bra) It used to be that drivers who wanted to protect their vehicles from bugs or debris had to use an unsightly plastic cover that took away from the appearance of the vehicle.  Not anymore!  Our clear film is computer designed and cut to fit your specific vehicle and it is virtually invisible.



The idea behind our product is simple.  You apply our clear film to your vehicle much like window tint is applied to windows. Each piece is designed to fit your car specifically and once applied it is worry free. There is no cutting required.  You can treat your car just as you normally would, wash and wax as usual.  Years later you can peel the film off, if you choose to, and your paint appears like it just came off the showroom floor.
Now compare that to the typical plastic bug shield. It has been known to damage paint and also detracts from the factory appearance of the vehicle. Click on the image to the right to get a larger view of the damage this truck had once the bug deflector was removed.
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The film is made by 3M and is a 8 mil* (.008”) thick clear urethane plastic.

The film was initially designed to protect helicopter blades from debris during the Vietnam War. Since then, it has been used by various auto manufacturers and NASCAR teams to protect painted surfaces from rock chips.

Maintain the appearance of your vehicle and enhance its trade-in value by protecting its paint with 3M Paint Protection Film    Search for your vehicle online Now!


3m clear bra
  • Maintenance Free!
  • Virtually Invisible!
  • Wash & Wax As Usual
  • Great For Leased Cars
  • Won't Harm Factory Paint
  • Can Be Safely Removed
  • Doesn't Peel, Crack or Fade

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  Free Installation Kit  Free Shipping  Free 3M door edge guards
  Free Door Handle Cup Kit (on select vehicles) Applies to orders over $75

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