2015 KAWASAKI ER6-N Full Kit

  • 2015 KAWASAKI ER6-N Full Kit

2015 KAWASAKI ER6-N Full Kit

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InvisibleMask paint protection kits are made from the top rated films in the industry, including the renowned 3M brand.  Our kits are made using CAD technology and are precision machined cut to match the exact contours of your vehicle.  Guaranteed not to discolor, crack or peel!  All precut orders totalling $75 before tax will include a free installation kit and free shipping within the United States (all Canadian orders will be charged a discounted shipping fee).  The installation kit includes installation tools and an extensive How-To-Video.

InvisibleMask paint protection film can be installed anywhere you want to protect your motorcycle's finish from scratches, chips, stains and other damaging elements.  Some examples of protection are:

  • Gas Tank Area   
  • Fairings
  • Front and Rear Fenders
  • Saddle Bags
  • Headlight

We offer a variety of paint protection films to successfully fulfil your paint protection needs.  To learn more about the differences between the films, click on the About our Films tab above.

InvisibleMask Paint Protection Features:

  • InvisibleMask paint protection kits are 8 mils thick.
  • Exceptional clarity, virtually clear film protects against stone chips, scratches, sun and paint damage.
  • Easy to follow How-To-Video.
  • Superior resistance to yellowing and cracking, ensuring that your bike's finish retains the showroom quality, color and design features.
  • Custom designed kits for each individual make and model of your motorcycle are made using CAD technology. 
  • An array of size options to choose from to satisfy your protection needs.
  • Film does not require any additional maintenance, you may wash and wax your bike as you normally would.

InvisibleMask paint protection kits offer you the best way possible to preserve your investment for years to come.  The newer films of today, make it easy for self-installation, if all the recommended procedures are followed. The film may be removed at any time without damage to the finish of your motorcycle.

We offer 3 types of film you can choose from.

If you are not sure which to choose or don't have a preference we recommend Ventureshield film. We have sold this film for over a decade and it has proven itself time and time again.

  • 3M VentureShield Film = No Price Difference
  • PremiumShield Elite = + 5% of Price
  • 3M Scotchgard Pro Film = +10% of Price

Take a look at the chart below to get a better idea of how each film differs.

VentureShield and Scotchgard Pro are made by 3M and the recent development of the PRO film has made the installation process easier than ever before. 

Note: Each film is the same thickness (8 mil) and has the same application process and clear in appearance! When applied to the vehicle most people won't notice a difference in the appearance of each one.

Don't be fooled by the thinner/cheap vinyl film being passed off as paint protection film which can actually harm your paint!

Most of our customers install our paint protection kits themselves but there are occasions where a piece didn't turn out satisfactory. Instead of purchasing the kit again at full price we offer "Installation Insurance" which allows you to re-purchase the same kit for 50% off! This is an exclusive offer by InvisibleMask and we put it in place to satisfy our customers needs for perfecting the installation.

Here's how it works.

For each kit we sell you can choose to purchase the Installation Insurance for 10% extra. Once you successfully checkout and pay for the item you have 90 days to redeem the insurance and receive a 50% discount on that same part. To redeem the insurance and get the 60% off you come back to our website and register for an account, locate the same part you previously purchased and add it to your cart. You will see the 50% discount in your shopping cart.

The only rules that apply are

  • Must purchase the same kit as before
  • Must be within 90 days of original purchase
  • Must register an account with us so we know who you are (only when redeeming the insurance)
  • You can not buy insurance on a kit you are already getting 50% discount on

NOTE: You can check out as a guest when buying the product today but to use the insurance discount you must come back to our website and register for an account. When redeeming the insurance you must use the same information as your original order so our system can recognize you. (Same shipping info, same email, etc) 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.