RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands

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RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands

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Note: $89 price is to cover all 4 wheels

Wheel Bands™ offer much-needed, effective curb rash defense for your vehicle. Your unprotected wheels will be abraded (scuffed) when hitting a curb. Once that happens, the unsightly curb rash damage requires upwards of $100/wheel to recondition back to "almost" like new.  The specially formulated, hard plastic used in Wheel Bands protect your wheels in low speed (< 5 mph) curb impact situations such as those that occur when parallel parking, driving into car wash tracks, or maneuvering near hard-to-see curbs at drive-thru windows and ATM machines. 

Wheel Bands­™ are a 5 MPH bumper for your rims.  The Wheel Bands kit includes everything you need to outfit a set of 4 wheels from 13" to 22”:

1 coil of mounting track,  1 coil of color insert, 1 application tool, 2 surface prep wipes.

High precision fit Track and Color Insert coils are 27.2 ft (8.3 meter) in length: enough material to outfit up to four 22" wheels, or five 19" wheels or six 16" wheels. First time DIY installers can complete a set of 4 wheels in 40 - 60 minutes. Installers with a few kits of experience can complete a set of 4 wheels in 20-30 minutes.