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PremiumShield Elite film with Never Scratch Technology! This film offers a lifetime warranty from defects (yellowing, peeling, etc) and is incredible at resisting scratches. If it does get scratched it has 'self-healing' technology so it can repair itself.

Please note: This is a urethane film which isn't bullet proof by any means. A sharp enough object with enough force could scratch or tear any film on the market. But PremiumShield Elite has a superior anti-scratch technology built in.

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Installation Videos

Note: These videos are for informational purposes only.  Upon ordering you will receive a link to the most current installation videos.  Technique and solutions have changed since these videos were produced.

Rear Deck


Hood Installation Part 1

Hood Installation Part 2

Hood Installation (Final)

Removal of Film

We've had some questions on how to identify which film is Ventureshield, Scotchgard and Scotchgard Pro. We've put together this video to show what each film looks like and the backing paper/logos.

Film Differences